Staff recruitment restraints frustrate Ezemvelo chief

Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:53 pm

Staff recruitment restraints frustrate Ezemvelo chiefNEWS / 21 October 2016, 09:43am
Durban - The chief executive of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has expressed his frustrations at not being able to appoint a single employee since he took office nearly a year ago.

David Mabunda was brought to Ezemvelo in December last year on a three-year contract as an interim chief executive after a period of turmoil at the entity in 2014 and the subsequent suspension of his predecessor, Dr Bandile Mkhize.

This week, Mabunda told lawmakers of “a lot of problems we experience relate to capacity on the ground”.

“It is very difficult to be a chief executive that can’t appoint a cleaner, when a competitor down the road can hire people as and when they are needed.

“I’m still waiting, I have not appointed anybody since I arrived, because of all problems we all know – fiscal consolidation and also the need to rationalise and ensure there are savings,” Mabunda said.

“It has been a difficult process, but despite that, there is vast improvement. I say in the presence of the auditor-general that Ezemvelo is much a better institution than it was a year ago,” he told lawmakers.

The public entity, like others and provincial departments, has to first seek approval from Premier Willies Mchunu and the provincial treasury for the filling of critical posts.

This is in line with a moratorium on filling of posts the provincial government introduced last year as part of cost cutting measures.

On Thursday, Ezemvelo spokesman, Musa Mntambo, said they were still waiting for approval to fill about 179 vacant posts.

Mntambo said vacancies included 67 field rangers, 43 general assistants, six labour supervisors, 35 posts like fence liners in an anti-poaching unit, 25 ecotourism-related posts ranging from resort managers to general staff, and three corporate positions like legal manager.

Meanwhile, Ezemvelo’s parent department, Economic Development, told Scopa on Thursday that it had made a ­submission for approval of 79 vacant critical posts.

Departments appearing before the standing committee on public accounts since last week have complained about having to wait for the approval of posts by Mchunu and the provincial treasury.

Some have even blamed the failure to spend their budgets in the 2015-16 financial year on cost-cutting measures and the moratorium on posts.

The Social Development Department, as an example, last week ascribed its R97.648 million under-expenditure to delays in filling posts in the departments’ administration, children and welfare services and restorative services directorates.

MEC Weziwe Thusi had said her department had submitted a total of 155 posts for approval.

Re: Staff recruitment restraints frustrate Ezemvelo chief

Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:43 pm

Ridiculous 0*\

Africa time is one thing, but this sounds like obstruction O/ How can you expect someone to run and improve something, if you do not give this person the tools to do so :O^

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Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:18 am

The money is more importantly spent elsewhere, you know...

While South Africa’s royal families and traditional leaders cost the country in excess of R650 million a year, a new report shows that this figure may not be enough, especially when it comes to the spending habits of Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini.

It was discovered, and reported in the Natal Witness recently, that Royal Household Trust, which looks after King Zwelithini and his family of six wives and their 40 children, has run into financial difficulty.

The trust’s annual report for the year ended in March, revealed that liabilities exceeded assets by R3.2-million, and that it had a R539,000 deficit, casting doubt over its “ability to operate as a going ­concern”.

In KwaZulu Natal, the provincial government even places a budget vote for the Department of Royal Affairs, specifically dedicated to the Zulu Royal Family and the upkeep of King Zwelithini’s palaces.

In its 2014/15 budget, the department received R54.2 million for the king, which was reportedly swallowed up within months, used to purchase new vehicles for the king’s eight wives.

The king then requested a further R10 million bailout from government, and was awarded R5 million.

In previous years, the Zulu King’s reach into taxpayers’ pockets extended beyond R60 million.

Zwelithini receives an annual salary of R1.03 million a year.

Through the Royal Household Trust’s annual report covering the reporting period of 2014/15, the Witness revealed that ‘Royal Household Expenses’ ­included:

R263,000 spent on groceries
R293,000 on cellphone costs
R4.2 million on events
R818.000 on ­education
R1.5 million for a “Stipend to Royal Family”
R628,000 on ­travelling expenses.

The Sunday Times also reported that a R1.5-million bill for the king’s lavish wedding to Swazi-born Queen Zola Mafu in July 2014, remains unpaid .

King Zwelithini’s wedding coincided with his 60th birthday celebrations, which cost R4.2 million. That bill was only settled last month, the paper said.

This included R10,000 for a birthday cake and R120,000 on crockery and cutlery.

Taxpayers reportedly forked out almost R3 million on private flights for King Zwelithini to attend social and official engagements over a 15 month period ending in August last year.

The Sunday Tribune reported he had received a R5 million bailout from the provincial government in February.

Documents last year showed that R2.5 million was allocated for the king’s travelling expenses, while R10.3 million was allocated for his palaces and R2.2 million for his six wives.

In May, the Sunday Tribune reported that the Zulu monarchy was buying six new Mercedes Benz E-Class sedans, collectively worth nearly R5 million, for the king’s six wives, while another was to be kept as a “back-up”.

Reporting with News24 ... oyal-king/

Re: Staff recruitment restraints frustrate Ezemvelo chief

Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:00 am

That's ridiculous 0*\ They do not even represent the country :O^ :O^ If they have to be "kept", they should at least stay within the budget O/ O/

Isn't it about time to prohibit more than one wife in a supposedly modern state?

Re: Staff recruitment restraints frustrate Ezemvelo chief

Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:11 am

This is like feeding a parasite and it just demands more 0*\ 0*\

What use is there anyway for this so called king -O-