Notice to iSimangaliso visitors: Road works and closures

Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:03 pm

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (formerly Natal Parks Board)
5 hrs ·
Notice to iSimangaliso visitors: Road works and closures – updated 21st October 2016
Dear visitors
iSimangaliso is currently busy with routine road maintenance and repairs throughout the Park. While we have made every effort to minimise disruption to visitors, we would like you to be advised of the following road works and plan your visit accordingly:
Eastern Shores:
The Dune Loop is open.
The kuMfazana Hide access road remains closed
Mission Rocks Road is closed from kuMziki Picnic Site to the beach.
Vlei Loop is open.
Pan Loop is open
Grassland Loop: Please note that the Bhangazi Culvert and Berm are not open to the public. Barricades have been placed before the culvert on the Grassland Loop side and on the Cape Vidal side.
Western Shores:
uMphathe Loop is closed.
uMdoni Loop is open (the uMthoma Aerial Boardwalk access route)
Infrastructure improvements within the uMkhuze Section of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park encompass both the rehabilitation of the road works (expected to be completed at the end of November 2016) as well as upgrades of the park facilities encompassing but not limited to the eMshophi gate, a number of the hides as well as staff housing. These works will require the closure of some of the tourist roads and points of interest within the park.
Road Closures and Traffic Control
The following roads are closed /under construction at uMkhuze from the 21st October to the 28th October 2016. Road labels are as per the attached Map. We have only listed the roads that are or will be closed to traffic. We note that the Contractor is still completing the drainage and finishing works on a number of the roads which have been opened to traffic.
• KuMasinga Hide: Kumasinga Road 5 and Kumasinga Road 3 are both closed to the Public and will remain closed until Mid-November 2016. KuMasinga Roads 1,2,4 and 6 remain open.
• KuMahlala Hide: Both Roads A and C remain closed to accommodate the construction of splashthroughs. The kuMahlala hide will remain accessible via road B (Road labels as per the attached Map). Road Section A is anticipated to be closed until mid-November, whilst Road C is will be closed to the end of November.
• KuMalibala Hide Road: Closed
• Enxwala Vista Point Road – This road is closed as construction continues on the low level crossings situated on this road.
• eMshophi Gate: Construction of the new eMshophi Gate complex has commenced. The new gate house is situated approximately 1km before the existing boom gate into the Park. Traffic control in the form of stop and go’s as well as diversions around the construction works will be in place from Monday 17/10/2016.
Tourist and other traffic will be accommodated on all roads where possible. Please see the schedule below showing the anticipated closure dates of a number of the Park’s points of interest.
Points of interest
We have only listed the Park’s points of interest that are currently closed or are anticipated to be closed in the near future.
• Enxwala Vista Point: Not accessible due to road works
• KuMalibala Hide: kuMalibala Hide is currently closed to the public
• KuMahlala Hide: kuMahlala Hide is currently closed to the public. While subject to confirmation this Hide is expected to be reopened to the public towards the end of November 2016.
• KuMasinga Hide: kuMasinga Hide is currently open to the public. While subject to confirmation this Hide is programmed to be closed to the public towards the end of November 2016.