One Dead in Limpopo Lion Attack

Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:02 am

Tuesday 17 January 2017 11:59

A man has died while another one survived an attack by a lion at a lodge outside Hoedspruit in Limpopo.

The two men were fetching firewood at Ngama Lodge where they were employed when the incident happened.

Justice Qebekhulu died at the Rob Ferrera Hospital in Mpumalanga.

Police spokesperson Motlafela Mojapelo says lodge management suspect the lion escaped from a nearby farm.

“Two men were collecting firewood in a certain farm in Hoedspruit. They were allegedly attacked by a lion and the lion grabbed the person who is now the deceased and his companion threw stones at it and it left. The injured was taken to a Nelspruit hospital.” ... on-attack-

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Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:34 am

White lions kill man, injure his friend.

Posted: January 18, 201

In a tragic incident this week, a man died of his injuries after being attacked by white lions that had escaped from their enclosure at Lion Tree Top Lodge in Hoedspruit,
South Africa.

His friend was seriously injured and remains in hospital. The escaped lions made their way from Lion Tree Top Lodge to the neighbouring property, Ngama Lodge, where they attacked the two gentlemen – who are both employees of Ngama Lodge.

According to their website, Lion Tree Top Lodge raised the white lions to educate people about the plight of lions in the wild. The website goes on to say: “Our facility will accommodate these animals for the rest of their lives. When the lions reach a certain age, guests will get to view the lions in their enclosure from a game drive vehicle”. Pictures on the website show tourists walking with young white lions.

During a telephone discussion with Africa Geographic, a distraught West Mathewson, owner of Lion Tree Top Lodge, said that the lions escaped their enclosure by climbing a tree and jumping over the fence. He stressed that these lions are friendly and not aggressive and that he walks with them 3-4 hours per day. According to Mr Mathewson the lions are now back in their enclosure at Lion Tree Tops Lodge.

Hoedspruit police spokesman Luvhuhani Mulaudzi: “Qebekhulu Justice and an unidentified friend of his were attacked by a lion on January 12, when they were collecting firewood within their work premises.” An inquest has been registered and investigations are under way.

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Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:39 pm

Flutterby wrote:

He stressed that these lions are friendly and not aggressive and that he walks with them 3-4 hours per day. According to Mr Mathewson the lions are now back in their enclosure at Lion Tree Tops Lodge.

......friendly and not aggressive ....... :-? :-? :-? :-? Did they just go out for a friendly meal , or what :-?

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Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:17 pm

Diabetes causes man to die after attack by lion
The Rob Ferreira Hospital said that a man who was attacked by a lion died from complications of other illnesses like diabetes.
2 hours ago

Elize Parker

MBOMBELA – The owner of two white lions has been left reeling after one attacked a man, who later died.

Mr Justice Xolani Cebekhulu (49) passed away in Rob Ferreira Hospital on Monday after he was attacked by a white lion last week. However, he did not die directly as a result of his injuries, but as a result of his diabetes, according to the Mpumalanga Department of Health.

Spokesman Mr Dumisane Mulamele, told Lowvelder, “He had moderate injuries and died of other causes.”

The attack took place in Hoedspruit, when two white lions from Lion Treetop Lodge crossed to the neighbouring property of Ngama Lodge. They used a maroela tree near the fence to climb from their enclosure to the lodge, where they encountered Cebekhulu and a colleague, Mr Given Maladji, collecting firewood. Brig Motlapela Mojapelo, spokesman for Hoedspruit SAPS, said the lions first walked past them.

Maladji was picking up wood in another part of the veld.

“The one lioness pounced on the victim, while the other watched,” he said. Cebekhulu started screaming and Maladji came running. He started throwing stones at the lions and screamed.

The animals fled, and Maladji helped Cebekhulu towards the compound. With his help, Cebekhulu could still walk. Some of the staff heard the screaming and came to help. The owner was called. Cebekhulu sustained injuries to the leg, chest and stomach. He was airlifted to Rob Ferreira Hospital. Maladji was unharmed.

The two-year-old lionesses, Tana and Demi, belong to Mr West Mathewson. He told Lowvelder they were truly shocked when they heard that Justice had passed away. “We saw his injuries. There was a gash on his upper thigh. We did not think it was life-threatening, and to hear that he had passed away was the worst thing,” he said. West’s wife, Gill, said that Mathewson saw Cebekhulu’s injuries in the early stages.

“There was a gash in his upper thigh. His wounds, however, were not life-threatening. That is why it was so difficult to believe he died. This is the worst thing that could have happened,” she said.

Gill added that their business partner in Mbombela visited him daily, except for on the day of his death. He took him toiletries, and remarked to her that Cebekhulu was quite upbeat.

She referred to friends of the deceased who related to her how he still was chatting and laughing when they visited him, not knowing two days later he would pass on.

Mr Devon Scott, owner of Ngama Lodge, said the loss was a big shock.

“He was a well-loved colleague and added real value to the staff. We lost someone who meant a lot to others.”

They will have a proper burial for Cebekhulu this weekend.

What now?

Mathewson explained that they rescued the two lionesses from a life of canned hunting when they were five days old.

“We use the lions as part of an educational programme. They are very friendly and have never harmed anyone. I really don’t know how this could have happened. It is still very difficult for me to believe this happend.”

Since the attack, he has extended the electrified fence to fortify the enclosure.

Gill mentioned that at no stage did her husband think about putting the lions down after the attack.
“West works with them all the time. He knows them well.”

When he was recently slated about what he was trying to do with Tana and Demi, he said, “I am an avid conservationist. I have always been against canned hunting and the breeding of lions. These animals were donated to me, not bought.”

He particularly chose two lionesses because he did not want to breed white lions.

Mathewson said he raised the white lions to teach animal lovers more about their plight. Close to 2 000 people have walked with the lions.

They are, however, not allowed to play with them.

He was recently offered a considerable amount of money for them but declined the offer.

Why diabetics are more at risk after a stressful situation

Mr Reon van Aardt, clinical dietitian said to Lowvelder, that elevated blood glucose levels (hyperglycaemia) are commonly seen in patients with metabolic stress,
because the adrenal glands (responsible for releasing hormones in response to stress) can trigger the release of glucose in the bloodstream. If a patient is diabetic, wound healing can be affected, and with a poorly functioning immune system, diabetics are at even higher risk for developing an infection. An important point to remember about a diabetic patient wound is that it heals slowly and can worsen rapidly. ... er-attack/