Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:49 pm

Turns out the rhino was still alive when dehorned, and had to be put down by the other rangers, according to Buks in Beeld
from a Veto @#$ :no:

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:25 pm

Landela and his buddy appeared in court yesterday, and he'll stay behind bars until August 19 for bail application.

He is on a hunger strike, according to sources.... :O^ 0*\

But says once he starts to speak he will bring down many of his colleagues...what a twat! :evil:

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poaching

Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:18 pm

Now also tied into incidents at Pretoriouskop!!!!!!!!

MBOMBELA – The suspects accused with breaking into the Kruger National Park’s (KNP) Pretoriuskop safe days before the arrest of ranger Mr Rodney Landela (35), were identified on Thursday afternoon.

According to Hawks spokesman, Capt Lucy Dineo Sekgotodi, Messrs Thabo Solly Khoza (33), Reply Ishmael Themba (39), Vusi Mthombeni (31) and Lynborn Bobhoza Sithole (31), allegedly used a duplicate key to open the safe at the Pretoriuskop camp offices on two instances – in 2015 and on July 23 this year. An R1 rifle, two rhino horns and “a huge number of ammunition (sic)”, were stolen.

On July 27, Landela and veterinary sciences employee, Mr Kenneth Motshotsho (44), were arrested after a white rhino was poached.
Rangers in the Kingfisherspruit area came across a poached rhino. Both horns had been removed. The discovery was made shortly after they heard three gunshots at 13:00.

A SANParks chopper, which was in close proximity, flew to the scene. Landela and Motshotso were connected to the poaching after bloodied shoes were apparently found in the vehicle Motshotsho was driving. It was reported that a SANParks firearm had been used in the poaching.

Khoza, Themba, Mthombeni and Sithole were arrested on August 2. They appeared in the Bushbuckrige Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and were charged with housebreaking and the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. On the same day, Landela and Motshotsho appeared in court for poaching.

According to Sekgotodi, Sithole was also wanted in connection with two murders in Calcutta in 2015. He will face two charges of murder.
Bail was denied to the four accused and they were remanded in custody. The case was postponed to August 10 at Skukuza Periodical Court for a possible bail application. Landela and Motshotsho will appear in court again on August 19

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poaching

Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:29 pm

SP needs to clean house quickly and get these dirty people off the payroll

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poaching

Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:49 pm

A real shame when the guards of the vulnerable take advantage O/
That Sithole guys is a lovely person...not... two murders on top of the poaching O-/

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poaching

Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:36 am

Landela appeared in court again last week, once again without his legal council pitching. Magistrate postponed and said it's now finished, and next time he will be tried without legal council... @#$

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poaching

Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:33 pm

KNP ranger gets his day in court
Rodney Landela (35), the KNP regional ranger accused of rhino poaching, appeared in the Skukuza Regional Court last week.
10 hours ago

Mariana Balt

SKUKUZA – Rodney Landela (35), regional ranger of the Kruger National Park (KNP), and Kenneth Motshotsho (44) from the park’s veterinary science department,appeared in the Skukuza Regional Court last week on charges related to poaching a white rhino in the Kingfisherspruit area.

Adv Ansie Venter prosecuted, with magistrate Dr Dries Lamprecht on the bench.

Sgt Lucky Ndlovu, a trained ranger and tracker with 25 years’ experience, testified for the state and explained how and where the ranger team was operating on 27 July 27 when they heard shots in Section 37 of the area. They noticed people walking, as well as a white bakkie driving away and found Landela, as well as Motshotsho driving around in a similar vehicle, in the vicinity.

Ndlovu testified that two of the rangers found a rhino carcass and that tracks were found in a firebreak, with footprints between the tracks and the carcass. When Landela and Motshotsho arrived at the scene later, Ndlovu realised that the footprints and tracks matched theirs and their vehicle’s and became concerned.

“I thought maybe they shot the rhino by accident,” an emotional Ndlovu testified. He said by the time a ranger from Satara, police and a team from the Environmental Crime Investigation unit, as well as the park’s helicopter arrived at the scene, Landela was pacing around, looking “unhappy, not as usual”.

When he went back to the area where he encountered Motshotsho, he noticed from the pattern of the tracks that a vehicle stopped along the way and started again, with footprints indicating that one person moved between the driver’s side, a back door and the veld.

He reported to the team at the carcass, upon which the police came to his aid. Following the footprints, they spotted goods which Ndlovu identified as “gifts to rangers”. He noticed again that the footprints matched those of Motshotho’s shoes.

He also noticed that Landela did not wear the same shoes as earlier any more.

The court will do a site visit on November 6 and the two accused will appear again on November 9 and 10. ... day-court/