"Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poaching

Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:45 pm

'Kroonprins van veldwagters' stroop glo renoster
Deur Buks Viljoen28 Julie 2016 09:48

’n Baie senior veldwagter van die Krugerwildtuin, wat in beheer is van die Mopani-noordstreek van die sentrale gebied van die wildtuin, is Woensdag vir renosterstropery toegesluit.

Rodney Landela, wat alom beskou is as die “kroonprins van veldwagters” in die Krugerwildtuin, is na bewering saam met ’n kollega in die omgewing van die King Fisherspruit naby die Satara-ruskamp betrap dat hulle ’n witrenoster geskiet en die horings afgekap het.

Landela is saam met Kenneth Motshotso, ’n senior werknemer by veeartsenydienste by Skukuza, in hegtenis geneem. Die aanloop tot hul inhegtenisneming het begin toe veldwagters skote naby King Fisherspruit gehoor het. Die veldwagters het in die rigting waaruit die skote gekom het beweeg en gesien hoe twee mense deur die bos hardloop, in ’n voertuig spring en wegjaag. Die veldwagters het op die karkas van ’n renoster wat pas geskiet en gestroop is, afgekom.

Hulle het hulp ontbied om die voertuig agterna te sit. Veldwagters in voertuie en ’n Sanparke-helikopter het aan die jaagtog deelgeneem. Die veldwagters kon naby Satara die voertuig tot stilstand dwing.

Volgens ’n bron na aan die ondersoek was die veldwagters baie verbaas toe Lindela uit dié voertuig klim. Hy het hulle glo probeer paai en oortuig dat daar “niks fout is nie”.

Die veldwagters het in daardie stadium die twee nog nie met die stropery verbind nie Motshotso is toegelaat om in opdrag van Landela verder te ry terwyl Landela self by die ander veldwagters agtergebly het. Motshosho het sowat 2 km in die pad afgery en teruggedraai na waar Landela en die ander veldwagters was.

In daardie stadium het die veldwagters onraad vermoed en gesê dat hulle die voertuig wil deursoek. In die kattebak is twee pare bebloede skoene en twee byle, wat ook bebloed was, gekry. Die skoene was in plastieksakke toegedraai. Intussen het ander veldwagters ondersoek gaan instel by die plek waar Matshosho met die motor omgedraai het. Daar het hulle op ’n swaarkaliber-jaggeweer en twee renosterhorings afgekom wat vermoedlik uit die voertuig gegooi is.

Die verdagtes is in hegtenis geneem en na die misdaadondersoekeenheid van die wildtuin by die Skukuza-lughawe geneem vir ondervraging. Die twee is later na die polisieselle in Skukuza geneem. Hier het Landela glo probeer weghardloop, maar is hy ’n paar honderd meter verder deur polisielede en veldwagters vasgetrek.

Die verdagtes het die nag in dieselfde aanhoudingselle waar Landela al verskeie stropers toegesluit het, deurgebring.

Dit is ’n ope geheim in die wildtuin dat Lindela deur die wildtuinbestuur “grootgemaak” is om uiteindelik as hoofveldwagter oor te neem. Hy werk al 15 jaar in die wildtuin. Hy is destyds aangestel as algemene werker en is later tot streekveldwagter bevorder. Hy het in sy loopbaan al verskeie toekennings gekry vir sy goeie werk as veldwagter. Die verdagtes verskyn Donderdag in die hof in Bosbokrand.

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Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:04 pm

This makes you wonder what other bad things he did in the 15 years working there. The moment some people get into these high positions they think they are untouchable and can do just what they want O/ O/

He is suppose to set an example for the other field rangers under him 0*\

But unfortunately money talks, even with people in high positions O/ O/

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:12 pm

A very senior ranger, in charge of the Mopani-North section of the Central Region was locked up for Rhino poaching on Wednesday.

Rodney Landela, generally regarded as the "Crown Prince" of rangers in KNP, was allegedly caught with a colleague near the Kingfisher Spruit in Satara area after they had shot a white rhino and removed the horns.

Landela was arrested with Kenneth Motshotso, senior employee with veterinary services in Skukuza, after rangers heard shots. The rangers moved in that direction and saw two people run through the bush, jump into a vehicle and speed away. The rangers came upon the fresh carcass.
They requested assistance in following the vehicle. Rangers in vehicles and a SANParks helicopter gave chase, stopping the vehicle near Satara

According to a source close to the investigation the rangers were shocked to see Lindela emerging from the vehicle. Apparently he attempted to reassure them and stated that there was "nothing wrong".

At that stage the rangers had not yet connected the two to the poaching incident and Motshotso was allowed to continue, on Landela's orders, while the latter remained with the other rangers. Motshotso carried on down the road for about 2km, before turning back to the others.

The rangers then suspected something was afoot, and requested to search the vehicle. In the boot were two pairs of bloody shoes and two bloody axes. The shoes were wrapped in plastic bags. In the meanwhile, other rangers went to inspect the scene where, Matshoso had made a u-turn. There they came upon a hevy-calibre hunting rifle and two rhino horns that had presumably been thrown out of the vehicle.

The suspects were arrested and taken to the crime investigation unit of the Park at Skukuza airport for questioning. Apparently Landele there attempted to run away, but was captured within a few hundred metres by police members and rangers.
The suspects spent the night in the same cells where Landela had deposited various poachers in the past.

IT IS AN OPEN SECRET THAT LINDELA HAS BEEN "EARMARKED" BY PARK MANAGEMENT TO TAKE OVER AS CHIEF RANGER EVENTUALLY. HE HAS SERVED 15 YEARS IN THE PARK. He was initially appointed as general worker, later being appointed Section Ranger. During his career he has received several accolades/awards for his good work as ranger.

The suspects will appear in the Bushbuckridge court on Thursday.

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Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:18 pm

One big thing we can take from this is that, once again, the poor buggers at lower level are working with passion. Just so disappointing their seniors betray them. And ja, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but beware, enough now, and names will be mentioned before court cases, no more pussyfooting.

Clean up your act, SANDF, SAPS and SP. Lots more to come. :evil:

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:32 pm

Richprins wrote:One big thing we can take from this is that, once again, the poor buggers at lower level are working with passion.

We do not know if all "the poor buggers are working with passion" and certainly not all "their seniors betray them" :X:

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:07 am

SANParks really needs to clean house!! :evil:

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:26 am

Agree Flutts, there are just too many incidents with staff and just too much poaching still continuing for it to make sense without insider help. There is not just the rangers but also other support staff of park involved as evidenced by vet services here. I look at this and have serious doubts on whether this will ever be stopped until there are none left or so few that they cant be found. The poaching numbers have been increasing or remained pretty consistent last period and this doesn't make sense as it should be harder with less animals out there, unless inside help is involved.

Btw, just watching human reactions on controversial subjects. On other side a few app users could have abused the apps or acted improperly = all app users abuse apps and are lawless and app should be banned.
A few Rangers caught poaching = not all rangers are poachers, just a few bad apples. 0*\ 0*\

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:40 am

There is only black or white when there is something that they do not like over there \O

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:25 pm

But the bad apples spoil the reputation of the rest... Always the same and of course it doesn't stop with the rangers. :O^

Re: "Crown Prince" of KNP Rangers arrested for Alleged Poach

Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:02 pm

KNP ranger allegedly sent accomplice away to hide poached rhino horns during bakkie chase

Elize Parker

The KNP ranger who were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly poaching rhinos in Satara, had the guts to, after he was stopped by other rangers, to command his accomplice to drive away and drop the horns in the veld.
about 1 hour ago
Rodney Landela was one of the bright stars in the programmes of the KNP to reintroduce rhinos to other parks. He was also working on the rhino orphans programme where Kruger orphans were resettled with rhino cows who "adopted" them.

SKUKUZA – An award-winning Kruger National Park (KNP) regional ranger, Mr Rodney Landela, and a veterinarian technician of the Animal Health Directorate, Mr Kenneth Motshotso, were arrested on Wednesday in the KNP for rhino-poaching-related offences.

On Thursday they were being detained at Skukuza Police Station. Both appeared yesterday in the Magistrate’s Court in Bushbuckridge. They will be detained for seven days before they will be allowed to apply for bail.

Because of the seriousness of the crime, the case is being investigated by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).

Landela, who has been in the KNP’s service for 15 years, has received several KNP Achievement Awards, including an Individual Achievement Award in 2012. He is also highly regarded by the Game Rangers Association of which he is an executive member. He started out as a general worker in the KNP.

He was also recently trained to pilot a drone during anti-poaching operations.

He was in charge of the Mopani North Region of the KNP.


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