Re: Africa Wild Flower Book - Order Geraniales

Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:58 pm

Carpet Geranium Geranium incanum incanum (Bergtee)
Order Geraniales. Family: Geraniaceae

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Cape Point

Low, spreading, much branched perennial herb, 100-250 mm high, with a long thickened tap root and slender stems; leaves borne on slender petioles, up to 50 mm wide × 70 mm long, with 3-7 lobes, each lobe pinnatisect, covered with fine silvery-white hairs closely adpressed to the leaf surface; flowers (Sept.-Nov.) white to pale pink with darker veins (var. incanum) or deep magenta-pink (var. multifidum), up to 40 mm in diameter, borne on slender pedicels covered with fine hairs; fruit an
elongated capsule resembling a stork’s bill.

Western and Eastern Cape Provinces. Both varieties have been recorded from the Cape Peninsula eastwards to Knysna, but only var. multifidum occurs in the Eastern Cape Province, in coastal districts as far as Port Alfred.

Common and widespread on flats, hill slopes and dunes.