Re: Malaria

Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:16 am

Hmmmm..... always a tough decision --- should we or should we not take precautionary measures -O- And there are a number of such that can be taken \O .

One of these are quite effective is Oxytetracycline dehydrate , available both in tablet form as well as injectable - you need to get it from your doctor of course :O^ .

It is an anti-biotic , and is used extensively for various conditions etc for animals , and as such is readily available as an animal medicine from the local farmers co-op ( I keep a whole bottle of it in my fridge here on the farm ) . according to the label it can be used for conditions treatment of : tick-borne gallsickness ( anaplasmosis ) , heart-water , pneumonia , footrot , joint-ill , navel-ill , pink-eye ( bovine kerato-conjunctivitis ) in cattle , sheep and goats .

And I have often wondered --- should I , or should I not .............. :O^ =O: =O: =O: