World Rhino Day 2017

Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:27 am

In celebration of World Rhino Day 2017 we honour those that would keep them safe and celebrate their passion for the cause of saving rhinos .

Happy World Rhino day 2017

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World Rhino Day: 5 ways to curb rhino poaching
Here are some effective ways of keeping our rhinos alive and preserving them for future generations.
5 hours ago

Under controlled conditions, the rhino horn could be safely removed without harming the animal. When a rhino is dehorned in a responsible manner, it grows back to its original length within two years. The downside is that it has a negative effect on the animal’s behaviour and on the male rhino’s ability to mate.
Harsher prison sentences

While the rewards that the criminals receive for poaching rhino outweigh the poachers’ fear of being thrown in jail, poaching will continue. The market value of rhino horn is between R200 000 and R300 000 per kilogram.

Dave Cooper, Chief Veterinarian at Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, says there’s a huge amount of energy spent on trying to fight poachers, but it is soul-destroying that the vast majority, even if arrested, will be let off with minimal, if any penalties and will simply continue poaching.

“The only way we will see change in the rhino poaching statistics is with a change in the justice system and government’s position on following through from arrests to convictions in one swift and seamless process. People should be lobbying the judicial and government structures through the legitimate channels to sort out the corruption that appears to be a major factor. The extent of the corruption is being systematically exposed as far-reaching throughout the hierarchy, from missing police dockets to paid-off policemen, magistrates and politicians. Challenge the system, insist on lie detection in staff working with rhino protection; insist on justice and strong sentencing; insist on accountability.”

Education about the medicinal properties

Users of rhino horn medicinal products should be taught that rhino horn consists of keratin – the same material that comprises human hair and fingernails. This is a protein which is commonly found in humans and animals. Therefore, the rhino horn should be every bit as effective in curing diseases as chewing your fingernails.
Poisoning rhino horn

With a treatment known as RhinoProtect the rhino horn is made valueless to poachers as it gets injected with colour dye and poison making it unpalatable for human consumption, which is the main reason for poaching. The 40 minute procedure poses no real threat to the health of the animal. ... -poaching/

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