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Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:04 pm

• The case against alleged rhino-poaching middleman and syndicate key player, Mr Gert Lund, will be back in the Mala Regional Court in Bushbuckridge on January 17. He was first charged six years ago. Of the seven men who initially stood trial, only Lund remains. They were arrested in 2009 and 2010 following the poaching of nine white rhinos in the Kruger National Park and Lionspruit. Lund and his co-accused, Messrs Vusimusi Mthombothi, Jack Thindimba, Petros Mokoena, Goodman Mahlalela, Vincent Njunguna and Jian F Coil were identified as suspects. Over the course of time, Mthombothi and Mokoena died and Coil had been deported back to his home country, Vietnam. Thindimba’s bail had been forfeited as he failed to reappear in court. His current location is not known. During Mahlalela and Njunguna’s court appearance on March 31 this year, a plea agreement was negotiated between Lund and the state. In terms of this agreement, he would plead guilty on the charges levelled against him and those against Mahlalela and Njunguna were withdrawn. When the day of Lund’s intended plea arrived, he showed up in court without an attorney and applied for state-funded legal aid. No guilty plea was rendered. Lund’s bail of R25 000 was extended.

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Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:47 pm

Hunting rifle hidden under vehicle by poaching suspects
Police believe the illegal firearm found in their possession was smuggled through Swaziland’s Oshoek Border Post.
4 hours ago

MBOMBELA – Illegal weapons landed a number of South Africans behind bars on poaching-related charges this week. Most recently, two suspected poachers were apprehended en route to the Kruger National Park (KNP) on Wednesday morning.

Mr Nicole Mbungela (38) and Ms Phyllis Busi Thabethe (40) were arrested on the R40 between Mbombela and Barberton. Lowvelder was on the scene of the arrest. They were charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and illegal ammunition as well as conspiracy to poach.
Police believe the illegal firearm found in their possession was smuggled through Swaziland’s Oshoek Border Post. Police acted on information from the provincial tracking team and the crime intelligence unit, about a white Nissan NP200 bakkie travelling on the road.

Police stopped the vehicle fitting the description at approximately 09:00. The hunting rifle was hidden underneath the vehicle. A silencer and illegal ammunition as well as a knife and “poaching equipment” were found in the back of the bakkie.
During interrogation by police, the suspects initially refused to say where they were heading.
Provincial spokesman, Sgt Gerald Sedibe, later confirmed that they admitted to being on their way to the KNP.

Mbungela and Thabethe appeared in the Nelspruit Magistrate’s Court on Thursday. At the time of going to press, the outcome was not yet known.

Wildlife poaching only became illegal in Mozambique in 2014. Bossies Community Justice’s Mr Albert Gryvenstein, said Swaziland’s tough stance on poaching and legislation was known to deter poachers and should be an example to South Africa.

The Game Act as it is known, says anyone who poaches or attempts to poach one of the specially protected species (white or black rhino, elephant or lion), will go to jail. There is a minimum of five years’ imprisonment, which could be increased to 15 years, and no option of paying a fine. Apart from this, the offender is also expected to pay back the prescribed value of the animal poached to the owner. ... -suspects/

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Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:56 pm

Wildlife poaching only became illegal in Mozambique in 2014.
Absurd 0*\ In fact there is not much left as far as I know O/

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Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:40 pm

11 arrested in Kruger National Park for rhino poaching


South African National Parks (SANParks) today, 16 January 2017, confirmed the arrest of 11 suspects in anti-poaching operations inside and outside the Kruger National Park (KNP) on Friday the 13 January 2017. The arrests were carried out by the SANParks Rangers Corps, South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI) also known as the Hawks.

The first arrests took place in the Malelane area outside the KNP, where six suspects were taken into custody and a high caliber firearm and ammunition confiscated. A second SAPS operation in the Hazyview area 57 km’s outside KNP resulted in the recovery of six rhino horns.

Inside the KNP, Satara Rangers managed to arrest three suspected rhino poachers in a follow up operation and recovered a fire arm, ammunition and poaching equipment. In the Stolsnek Section of the iconic national park, Rangers managed to arrest two suspects after discovering a freshly poached rhino carcass. A rifle, ammunition and poaching equipment were also recovered.

Reacting to the news, the Chief Ranger in the KNP Nicholus Funda congratulated all the units involved in the arrests “our mission to achieve success in fighting this scourge is based on teamwork and support within all law enforcement agencies, communities and our neighboring private reserves. The resultant arrests of 11 individuals in one single day, is a good start to the year and will demonstrate to the crime syndicates that we are serious about ending this cruel attack on our heritage as a collective and are determined to protect our fauna and flora,” concluded Funda.

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Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:48 pm

Chinese guy, Lingyun Chen, arrested at OR Tambo in November pleaded guilty to all charges in the Kempton Park Magistrates court. He had three white rhino horn and 15 black rhino horn in his possession weighing approximately 43 kilos. In his guilty plea, read into court, he stated he knowingly illegally transported the horn and he had no legal defense. He said he was remorseful and regretted doing what he did but due to his financial situation the money offered was difficult to resist. He stated he had no prior or current contact with the person who made the offer and it was his first time in the country. He said the only way he could show his remorse is by accepting whatever sentence the court hands down. Previously the defense had made an offer of a million rand fine and extradition to Nambia - which the prosecution refused as not enough. His fate is now in the hands of the magistrate. The prosecution will be calling witnesses to testify in aggravation of sentencing. The defense may or may not call one witness in mitigation of sentencing. Next court date is the 10th of February.

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Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:09 pm

Good news all round! :ty:

Simon Ngobeni is onder andere skuldig bevind aan renosterstropery.

MBOMBELA – ‘n Man wat in 2011 tydens ‘n skietgeveg met veldwagters in die Nasionale Krugerwildtuin gewond is, is Vrydag in die Nelspruit Streekshof aan stropingsverwante klagtes skuldig bevind. Simon Ngobeni is op 11 Desember daardie jaar tydens sy arrestasie in die knie gewond.

Laevelder het destyds oor sy inhegtenis-name berig. Veldwagters het die Tshokwane-gebied daardie dag gepatrolleer en drie verdagtes opgemerk. Hulle het die mans agternagesit. Een van die verdagtes was gewapen en het omgedraai en sy vuurwapen op die veldwagters gerig. ‘n Skietgeveg het losgebreek en Ngobeni is gewond. Sy twee makkers het op die vlug geslaan. Daar is destyds berig dat hy vier renosterhorings in sy besit gehad het en dat die karkasse van twee vermoedelik gestroopte renosters later daardie dag in die omgewing gevind is.

Ngobeni het sy eerste hofverskyning misgeloop – hy was in daardie stadium onder polisiebewaking in die hospitaal. Hy is van die volgende aangekla: betreding, omdat hy sonder ‘n permit in die wildtuin was, twee klagtes van diefstal van renosterhorings en twee van die onwettige jag van ‘n renoster, en die onwettige besit van ‘n vuurwapen en ammunisie. Daarbenewens is dié Mosambieker daarvan aangekla dat hy ten tye van die voorval onwettig in die land was.

Met die uitsondering van sy status as beweerde onwettige immigrant, het die staat by monde van senior staatsadvokaat me. Isabet Erwee oor die afgelope vyf jaar sy skuld op die res van die klagte teen hom bewys.

Ngobeni sal Woensdag gevonnis word en bly in aanhouding tussen sy skuldigbevinging en vonnis. ... r-tralies/

Basically Ngobeni was shot in Kruger in 2011. He was in hospital at first, and is now guilty of a slew of charges, from poaching to being an illegal immigrant, which is quite new. \O

I think he will get hammered! :yes:

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Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:57 am

Moggiedog wrote:Previously the defense had made an offer of a million rand fine and extradition to Nambia - which the prosecution refused as not enough.

Shame, why does Namibia have to get him? :-?

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Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:36 pm

Flutterby - he still has to face charges in Namibia as he brought the horns in from there. The customs official who turned a blind eye when his cases were x-rayed has already been arrested. So his troubles are not over as yet.

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Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:23 pm

Ah ok. \O

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Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:13 pm

Helene Eloff


Poacher got 77 years in 2014, released on bail in 2017
Mandla Chauke’s bail application pending appeal was successful.
7 hours ago

“You are sentenced to 77 years in prison, 34 of which will run concurrently,” said the magistrate, Ms Sheila Msibi on July 22, 2014.

Her words were directed to convicted poacher Mandla Chauke. Never before had a poacher been sentenced as harshly.

It was a glorious day for justice. Investigating officer WO Willie Broodryk jumped up and pumped his fists into the air and gave senior state advocate Ms Isabet Erwee a high five. They were elated and the victory in the war on poaching was celebrated across South Africa.

Senior state Advocate Ms Isabet Erwee and WO Willie Broodryk secured the record sentence.

On April 23, 2011 Chauke and Mr Samson Msimango were poaching in the Kruger National Park’s Stolsnek area. They encountered rangers, and Msimango was killed in the crossfire. Erwee argued that Chauke should have foreseen the possibility of a person being killed during the poaching.

By continuing with it, he had intentionally caused his accomplice’s death. Msibi accepted this argument.

Chauke feels that Msibi’s conclusion was an unfair one. His application for leave to appeal was not opposed.

Why the state did not appeal his application for leave to appeal

“The state had a strong case. It can be tested and reported and become precedent,” said senior state prosecutor,
Ms Isabet Erwee, last month. “Good cases make good law,” she said.

Poachers often get killed in the field. If the Chauke ruling is tested and upheld in a higher court, it may set precedent.

Erwee opposed Chauke’s bail application. “He is now a convicted criminal. Even if an appeal court imposes a lesser sentence, it is unlikely that it will be a non-custodial one,” she said. She said that he was a flight risk. “Although the state opposes bail, an amount of R100 000 is suggested if the court decides to grant the application,” she said.

Msibi did not consider Chauke a flight risk and imposed bail of R15 000. This was on March 8. The date of his appeal remains to be confirmed. ... bail-2017/